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Diabetes Management: Insulin Safety Reminders

Diabetes Management Insulin Safety Reminders

Are you taking care of a senior loved one diagnosed with diabetes? Our team providing Home Health Care in Virginia works with our clients so that they can provide adequate and tailor-fit care to patients with diabetes.

Managing diabetes is very essential to maintain the patient’s quality life regardless of their condition. When it’s properly controlled, there will be lesser complications and the patient can enjoy their days. Insulin is one of the major interventions to manage diabetes.

As a Home Health Care Agency in Dumfries, Virginia, let us impart with you these reminders on administering insulin treatment safely.

  • Store your insulin safely
    Your insulin supply should always be stored in a cool location though not necessarily frozen. This will require for you to always bring a cooler container when you need to go outdoors to secure the temperature range. With the right temperature, you can trust that your insulin can carry out the expected result.

  • Double-check the expiry dates
    While you can assume that every insulin supply you purchase is on-date, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. There’s no harm in double-checking the expiry dates before leaving the supply store. Expired insulin products are not going to work as effectively.

  • Inspect the physical appearance of your insulin
    If you notice that there are any hazy occurrences or even some crystallized substances developed inside their container, don’t use it. It may do more harm to your patient than good.

  • Regularly monitor the blood sugar level
    Insulin is essential when your blood sugar level runs outside the normal range. Better yet if you can check your blood sugar level right before and after your meals, before retiring to your bed, and before doing heavy or strenuous activities. Knowing your blood sugar level can help you determine the right amount of insulin to apply.

  • Don’t forget to eat
    When you’re taking insulin, it’s essential that there’s always food in your stomach. It may take a long time for you to get a proper meal due to certain circumstances and this can affect the effectiveness of insulin. Always be ready with the right snacks.

  • Be cautious about reusing insulin syringes
    While it’s preferable to use brand-new syringe every time, this can be costly to some patients. Reusing syringes can help you save cost but you have to exercise extra precaution such as always capping the needle after using and keeping the needle from touching other surfaces besides your skin.

When you need extra professional hands in taking care of your family member with diabetes, you can request our Certified Nurse Aide to assist you. We have a well-trained team to provide adequate and sufficient care to your loved one as they receive treatment at home.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about our services at Authentic Home Healthcare and Nursing Solutions LLC. We will be glad to set an appointment with you to assess your loved one’s condition when you schedule it with us.

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