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Walking Benefits For Everyone Over 50

Walking is not just limited to the exercise we get out of it since it does so much more for our health and well-being. For everyone over the age of 50, a good 10-15 minute walk a day can do great wonders for their bodies. Here are some of the benefits seniors can get from … Continue reading

Fun Learning Activities You Can Prepare For Children With Disabilities

Children with physical disabilities should have opportunities to enjoy life with their family and friends. They should also be given access to activities that enrich their minds and bodies to keep them going for their hopes and dreams. Set up these fun activities with your child so they can have an engaging time learning new … Continue reading

The Quality Home Health Care for Your Senior Loved Ones You Can Trust

As our loved ones get older, they may get more frail and dependent, as they will no longer possess the same level of strength and dexterity they used to. When this happens, you may think of placing them in a retirement home in order to have their needs met and to prevent any harm from … Continue reading

What Makes a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle for Seniors?

When your loved ones reach their golden years, their lifestyle will change, and activities of daily life may now vary according to their needs. Since they no longer possess the same level of strength and dexterity they did before—not to mention they may experience mental lapses due to old age—they may need help and assistance … Continue reading

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Tracheostomy Care: How a Private Duty Nurse can Assist You

Tracheostomy is a sensitive medical procedure that involves opening a hole in the patient’s neck towards their trachea so that they can breathe. It’s usually performed as an emergency procedure to assist a person’s breathing mechanism. The patient’s tracheostomy can be temporary or permanent, depending on how severe their health status is. Tracheostomy is necessary … Continue reading

Top 4 Causes of Medication Errors

Who wants to experience medication error? Not anyone, definitely. Medication error is defined by the National Center for Biotechnology Information as a preventable incident that could lead to the wrongful use of the medicine either by the healthcare professional or the patient themselves. The common incidences of such errors include wrong dosage, wrong timing, and … Continue reading

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