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Providing Care for Physically Disabled Seniors at Home

Providing Care for Physically Disabled Seniors at Home

Reaching seniority also has its own perks like discounts to various travel options, free movie tickets, and discounts to groceries and other retail stores. But sometimes, it may also come with the need of a mobility aid. Nevertheless, senior citizens have rightly earned their ranks in society for their age-old wisdom and experiences before us.

Families who wish to make their elderly have a more comfortable time navigating their homes can benefit from these home improvement tips from our Home Health Care Agency in Dumfries, Virginia:

  • Make Furniture Comfortable
    If lower back pains are constant complains of your senior loved ones, elevating your furniture with wooden or cement blocks may be able to help, or you can also add more pillows that will take the form of their lower backs and make it easier for them to get up and sit down on most furniture.
  • Allow More Space Indoors
    Clutter can take up a lot of floor space in your house, plus it can potentially cause accidental slips when loose objects end up in hallways and clear spaces. In creating wider spaces for homes with limited floor areas, getting rid of unnecessary items are sure ways to have enough room for your senior in need of a mobility aid. Rearranging furniture can also help, and in the process clean out all the dust that has accumulated in hidden corners and spaces.
  • Give Them Massages
    We all love massages; the warmth of caring hands giving relief to sore joints and muscles is literally a touch of love. A family’s caring touch plays such an important role in physical healing and enhancing the meaning of love. When your elderly asks for a quick hug or a massage, spoil them a little. Your seniors are simply asking for affection.
  • Modify Their Home
    If handrails need to be reinforced, do so as soon as possible to prevent any unwanted falls. Home modification may mean having ramps and rails around their homes and in the toilets for better guide and support along with their provider of Home Health Care in Virginia. You may also rearrange kitchenware to keep breakables on lower shelf levels so that seldom-used pieces can be kept away in top shelves.
  • Leave Emergency Options
    Replace wired home phones with cordless phones so they can carry them around when their cellphones are charging. If possible, emergency home buttons that are directly linked to local healthcare units can also be another option.

A Certified Nurse Aide or a Home Health Aide can also make your senior loved one’s stay at home easier and much safer.

If you are looking for home health assistance, Authentic Home Healthcare and Nursing Solutions LLC can help you. We currently serve the State of Virginia. Please call us if you have any care inquiries at 703-291-5308 .

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