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The Kind of Care That Keeps On Caring

The Kind of Care That Keeps On Caring

That care we are referring to is the love and concern you appropriate for your senior loved one when you are away from them. When you have to tend to your other responsibilities, you still include them in your mental list and always wish the best for their own welfare. For senior home care services, our Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) can help you out in caring for your seniors.

Here are the different ways in which a Certified Nurse Aide can ensure your senior’s health:

  • Sanitize Patient Quarters
    Patient health and safety are the two items that need to be secured when seniors are under the care of all healthcare practitioners. Our CNAs will prepare and sanitize all areas that will be needed by your senior loved one to maintain the sanitary levels within their home.
  • Document Vital Signs
    Knowing patient vital signs is important in telling whether individuals currently have high blood pressure or fever from any underlying health condition. With constant monitoring, exercise and good nutrition, symptoms can be averted.
  • Supervise Self-Administered Medication
    A CNA is knowledgeable on how most self-administered medications are taken and can supervise the client if they need help with opening the containers of their medication. This supervision secures their medication intake and to keep health conditions at bay.
  • Secure Prescriptions
    Along with the knowledge on self-administered medication types and intake, our CNAs will be able to pick-up client prescriptions that have already been prepared at their pharmacy of choice. This basically takes care of the discontinuance of medication when seniors are not able to replenish their prescriptions on time.
  • Secure and Attend Medical Appointments
    With your designated CNA’s assistance, your senior can secure and punctually attend all necessary medical appointments that will monitor or check their health statuses. Some patients miss out on wellness checks due to having no one to accompany them to their healthcare centers.

Let our Home Health Care Agency in Dumfries, Virginia assist you in your search for a partner CNA for your senior loved one. Your care and concern for their safety will now be taken care of.

Authentic Home Healthcare and Nursing Solutions LLC provides both Certified Nurse Aides and Home Health Aides. For home health assistance, please contact 703-291-5308 or send us a message through our website.

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