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5 Caregiving Mobile Apps to Help Family Caregivers

5 Caregiving Mobile Apps to Help Family Caregivers

Now that mobile phones makes the internet accessible anywhere, information is also increasing. For family caregivers who are still starting in this path, they may feel at a loss for what they need to do. This is a normal reaction, but do know that help is always available. Aside from tapping the assistance of Home Health Care Agency in Dumfries, Virginia, you can also gain insights from reputable sources on important principles of adequate care.

Here are mobile apps that you can install on your smartphone to help you out in your caregiving role:

  1. CareZone
    This is an application which you can use to help you organize the medical information of your loved one. You can record their allergies, medicines, insurance information, and other relevant data when it comes to their medications. In addition, the app is also very instrumental in helping you create to-do tasks especially if you have important medical appointments to attend. The information you store is also kept confidential.
  2. CaringBridge
    This is the application you can use to connect you with your loved one’s care providers when the care duties are shared among many people. If you’re sharing the caregiving responsibility with your family members, this can help all of you to keep track of all the important appointments. Along with this, you can also send inspiring messages to uplift one another.
  3. Pacifica
    This is the application that caregivers can use to alert them when they are no longer in a good mental and emotional state. There surely are stressful challenges in caregiving, that’s why you should be able to take time to care for yourself. With this app, your mood is tracked so you will know that it’s time for you to already get a break.
  4. AARP Caregiving
    This is the application that provides you with ample information on what every caregiver needs to make their responsibility more manageable. When you’re new to caregiving, learning the mechanics of some tasks can be a great starting point.
  5. First Aid by American Red Cross
    This is the application from, well, the American Red Cross. This can equip you in handling emergency situations, which can happen when you’re providing Home Health Care in Virginia. The app can remind you of what to do in instances such as choking, bleeding, or burning incidents, among others.

All these apps can be downloaded for free in your iPhone or Android devices. So if you find yourself in need of further help, these apps can guide you.

However, remember that these apps can only serve as guides. They will not replace actual knowledge and skills acquired through quality experience. To help preserve your caregiving role, allow time to care for yourself and while you’re in that, our Certified Nurse Aide can step in for you. At Authentic Home Healthcare and Nursing Solutions LLC, you can trust that the assistance you need for your loved one is always of the quality they deserve.

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