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Tracheostomy Care: How a Private Duty Nurse can Assist You


Tracheostomy is a sensitive medical procedure that involves opening a hole in the patient’s neck towards their trachea so that they can breathe. It’s usually performed as an emergency procedure to assist a person’s breathing mechanism. The patient’s tracheostomy can be temporary or permanent, depending on how severe their health status is.

Tracheostomy is necessary for patients who have, among others, obstructed mouth or throat, lung conditions, or those who underwent a neck and head surgery. This procedure is performed by surgeons and assisted by healthcare professionals such as those from a Home Health Care Agency in Dumfries, Virginia.

Patients who have tracheostomy can be given clearance to continue recovering at home, but still with healthcare supervision. They will be required to get assistance from a private duty nurse who will oversee the following:

  • Finds an environment where the patient can stay safely.

    The patient’s safety is a priority if they have a tracheostomy. Due to their sensitive condition, any minor complication can be very risky for their recovery. The patient also needs to be in a location of care where no other hazards can disrupt the smooth administration of treatment.

  • Monitors the progress of a patient’s communication ability.

    Communication is a key indicator of the patient’s progress. Since the procedure has to go through their throat, their communication abilities will be inhibited. As long as the tracheostomy tube is still inserted, communication will remain to be a problem. But when the tube is removed, the patient can begin the journey towards healing.

  • Helps ensure the patient is kept from infection.

    Infection is also a risk for patients with tracheostomy. Any skin opening can always be prone to infection. Without professional and skilled assistance, the patient can easily acquire infection from their surroundings or even from their unlicensed caregiver. This is why private duty nurses from a Home Health Care in Virginia should really take charge in these treatments.

  • Helps address the following emergency situations:
    • When the patient has an irregular heartbeat
    • When the pain and discomfort becomes intolerable
    • When breathing difficulty is not relieved by clearing of the secretion
    • When secretions grow a crust or develop a mucus
    • When you have other concerns that need healthcare assistance

If you have a loved one who will need to be administered tracheostomy, don’t take chances for their care. While family caregivers can be of assistance in other means, medical procedures need to be undertaken by licensed healthcare professionals. The condition and stability of your loved one are at stake.

This is why private duty nurses are life-savers for patients who continue to receive treatments in their own homes or in a care facility that they choose to stay in. This is the kind of nurses we have at Authentic Home Healthcare and Nursing Solutions LLC. We have nurses who are well-trained and experienced in these healthcare procedures so you can trust us to administer accurate treatment that your loved one deserves. Feel free to set an appointment with us if you need our assistance in your home or any location of care.

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