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Walking Benefits For Everyone Over 50

Walking Benefits For Everyone Over 50

Walking is not just limited to the exercise we get out of it since it does so much more for our health and well-being.

For everyone over the age of 50, a good 10-15 minute walk a day can do great wonders for their bodies.

Here are some of the benefits seniors can get from walking:

  • Dementia Prevention
    Dementia is the gradual loss of cognitive function, usually due to poor blood circulation. Walking improves blood flow in our bodies, which in turn keeps brain cells healthy.

  • Socialization
    Walking is great for seniors because it gives them the opportunity to meet new and familiar faces and makes them feel that they are part of a community. This greatly improves their state of mind and encourages them to keep making healthy choices for their lives.

  • Stronger Bones
    Walking helps prevent unwanted falls by improving a senior’s sense of balance and strengthening their bones. In turn, this gives seniors more opportunities to do the things they like at home and outside the home. This also slows the progress of osteoporosis.

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